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As you can see above we have a lot of topics to cover folks. Do you remember high school or even college? When you picked your course schedule for the semester you knew you would spend approximately 3 months learning each individual subject. Why so long? Because you cannot adequately learn Micro Economics or Algebra in 1 day.

The Department of Motor Vehicles wants us to cover the above topics in 6 hours! Is that even possible? Fourteen individual topics in 6 hours? It turns out the answer is yes. DMV provides us with a list of required subjects to cover during class. You will definitely get a basic understanding of each topic. But is that enough to run a successful dealership and stay out of trouble? Probably not!

Think of it this way . . . if you get sued by a former customer pursuant to the Consumer Legal Remedies Act for fraud do you know how to properly respond? Do you understand how this particular lawsuit relates to your vehicle dealer surety bond? Do you even know what a surety bond is for and how it works if a claim is filed? Probably not because DMV does not require this information be covered in the Pre-Licensing Course. Moreover, most dealer education providers cannot provide you with this depth of analysis because the majority of them are not lawyers. Our instructor is licensed to practice law in California.

Having said all that, this course is approved by DMV and satisfies their minimum requirements. If you want a more thorough understanding of the subjects and added protection you should consider obtaining a dealership audit or consulting with us on an hourly basis.

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Before you register please contact us to ensure the date you’re interested in is available. Courses fill up pretty quickly and are available on a first come first serve basis.

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