Continuing Education

Why Do I Need This Course?

California law requires every vehicle dealer to successfully complete a continuing education course in order to maintain or renew their license. The course must be taken every two years after the dealer license was first issued. The Continuing Education Certificate is valid for a period of 2 years. Consequently, you don’t have to wait until you get your renewal notice to take the course. DMV will credit the certificate as long as it has not expired at the time you submit your renewal application.

How Often Does The Law Change?

In 2006, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 68 (The Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights) which drastically changed several laws applicable to licensed dealers. Specifically, the California Vehicle Code, California Civil Code, and Revenue and Taxation Code were amended. Since then, the legislature has proposed several rule changes. Our program is updated every month to account for any new laws.

Can I Take It Online?

Our course is an online program. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the program upon registering. You need a 70% minimum passing score on the final exam to obtain the course completion certificate.

Is The Certificate Sent Electronically?

Unfortunately, DMV requires you to attach the original course completion certificate with your license renewal notice. They should be mailed together to DMV. We will mail your certificate via USPS after you pass the final exam.

Course Fee

Dealer Continuing Education Course — $65

Shipping & Handling Options

Option 1: USPS First Class Mail 1-3 Business Days — Free
Option 2: USPS Overnight Delivery — $50

After you submit the registration form you will be redirected to a payment page where you can select your shipping option.

Wholesale-Only Dealer Continuing Education Exemption

Wholesale-Only Dealers are not required to enroll in a Continuing Education Program if they sell less than 50 vehicles in a 12-month period. Make sure you attach DMV Form OL 257 with your renewal notice.

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